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Guidelines of Micro-Advertisements

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Imp. Announcment By Staff Guidelines of Micro-Advertisements

Post by meghrajbaria on Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:40 pm

Guidelines Of Micro-Advertisements
In Micro-Advertisements, we advertise your forum/blog/website on the top of our forum. The size of the advertisement will be 80x60 (pixels). Remember, this will attract a lot of customers to your forum/blog/website!

The Banner Will Be On The Top Of The Forum For: 1 Day
Updated: Everyday

We Will Be Adding Total 5 Micro-Banners Of Different Websites/Blogs/Forums To Reduce Load On Our Team And Complete All The Requests As Fast As We Can!

To post a request of Micro-Advertisement, copy and paste the below code(Start a new topic!) and fill it to post your request:
    [b]Forum/Blog/Site Name::[/b]
    [b]Forum/Blog/Site Address:[/b]
    [b]88x31 Image Of Your Website:[/b]
    [b]Special Requests(if any):[/b]

Remember, it will take some time to complete all the requests, so please don't double/triple post!

Enjoy! Very Happy

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